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Painting by Bui Nguyen Truong



Fishing 2 - Oil on canvas, 151x 132 cm (1993).

Listener - Oil on canvas, 90 x 80 cm (1994).

Bui Nguyen Truong is trying not only to reflect the beauty of life's sweetness and tenderness, but also reveal the shadows of human life and that of nature, joys and sorrows, happiness and sufferings, life and death, disintegration and genesis, the mystery of the past and adventure of the future. His firm, bold, careful manner shown by means of colors, of dreamy, sometimes abstract forms that can incite imagination, the search for a remote but still familiar world, at the same time being practical and romantic. The more we look at Truong's paintings, the more we discover new features concealed in them.

Fatherhood - Oil on canvas, 91 x 114 cm (1996).

Moving - Oil on canvas,  95x 70 cm (1995).  

Bui Nguyen Truong was born in 1942 in Hai Phong. From 1950 to 1954, he went to France with his parents, and it was in the resplendent Paris that a love for painting was born in him. Truong learnt painting by himself and produced his first works there. Back home in Vietnam, he lives in quietness and continues to pursue his passion for painting.

By Le Tan Sitek
(Vietnam Review)







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